What Is the Average Cost of Residential Solar in Australia?

What is the average cost of residential solar in Australia? Here is a simple guide to show the average cost of different sized solar systems as of June 2022.

The rush on solar continues after recent news of increasing electricity price for many Australian households. But for many, there is still confusion over what is the average cost that people should be paying for a fully installed residential solar power system with good quality components.

Be mindful that the cost of a residential solar power system does vary greatly depending on various factors including the location and size of the solar system.
The table below is a simple guide to show you the average cost of different sized solar systems using Tier 1 solar panels fully installed as of June 2022 including the upfront Government STC rebate. (Please Note: it excludes any other additional state incentives like the Victorian Rebate Scheme)

System SizeNumber of panelsCost Range (June 2022)
1.48kW4$2,500 – $4,000
2.22kW6$3,000 – $4,500
2.96kW8$3,500 – $5,000
4.07kW11$4,000 – $6,000
5.18kW14$4,500 – $8,000
6.66kW18$5,500 – $9,000
7.03kW19$6,500 – $10,000
8.14kW22$7,500 – $11,000
9.99kW27$8,000 – $13,000

Please note that the above assumes the use of 370W solar panels and that system prices can increase further if premium products such as solar panels and microinverters have been quoted. They are great products but may not necessarily be what you need for your home.

If you have any doubts or need reassurance of which of your residential solar quotes offer you the best value for money then please feel free to contact us.