Let us provide you with an objective solar recommendation. We will work for you and recommend the best value solar system based on your needs.

Thinking of going solar but confused about which solar quote offers you the best deal?

We take the guess work out of your solar quote decision for your home or business.

Solar power is a simple addition to any home or business, but it can be a nightmare to understand why there are so many different products and prices quoted.

For only $185 for residential and $385 for commercial businesses

We provide a unique service to independently review your current three (3) solar
power quotes you have received from solar companies Australia Wide, before you
decide to invest in renewable energy.

Don’t risk making the wrong decision that could cost you dearly in the long run.

You deserve to know that you are making the right investment decision for the future.

What our customers have to say

Matt from Mudgee

Efficient and effective, James helped me make the right decision before purchasing my first solar system. I had initially paid a deposit with another company before I engaged James who convinced me to change my mind, and I’m so glad I did! The install was quick and it looks great. 

Dennis from Yarramalong

We had a small existing solar system and sought new quotes to expand which ended up being very confusing. James explained the pros and cons of each quote we received and also assisted with a design layout for a new system to be added that would handle our increased power consumption. We highly recommend this professional inexpensive service.

Carol from Mt Nebo QLD

I had been searching for the right off grid solar system for my home for ages but was put off by all the different quote variations and prices. A friend then recommended Totally Independent Solar Consultants who guided me through the maze of available options and helped me choose the right size system and installer. For a very small outlay, I ended up saving approx. $15,000 by obtaining their professional advice.

Ellie from Coogee

Super easy! I simply emailed our three solar quotes and we had a report and their professional recommendation back quickly. Having an independent solar consultant working for us definitely took the pressure off deciding which quote represented the best value for money.

The Smart Energy Council is the independent body for the Australian smart energy industry.