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We provide you with peace of mind prior to making your decision to invest in renewable energy.

Your solar Quote Evaluation

We will evaluate and review your current solar power quotes that will give you peace of mind before you make the decision to invest in renewable energy.

We check all product offerings, including the system size, system design, warranties, company credibility and most importantly, the price to ensure it reflects the quality of the system you are considering for your home or business.

How it works


Simply fill out the contact form and upload copies of your current residential or commercial solar power quotes.


We contact you to confirm your individual requirements and expectations.


Our team then start work reviewing each solar quote independently and once completed, send you a report of our analysis and recommendation.


And lastly. we call you to discuss your analysis and answer any questions you may have. Then we send you an invoice for payment. It's that easy...

Note: Your report will be completed within three to five business days and we look forward to helping you move forward with your new solar power system with confidence.

Solar Evaluation Report

Your report will include the following details:


Any potential shading issues via satellite imaging.


An analysis of each solar power quote with the pros and cons of each one.


A review of the credibility and reputation of the solar power companies quoting.


We then check the brand and quality of all system components as well as the system size, system design, warranties, any wiring or meter upgrades, any monitoring or battery storage quoted and if grid connection is included.

Fee Schedule


$185 for an analysis of up to three residential solar power quotes Australia Wide.


$385 for an analysis of up to three commercial solar power quotes Australia Wide.


$250 for a residential site visit Central Coast NSW

Payment Details

Totally Independent Solar Consultants

BSB Number: 112 - 879

Account Number: 416 741 136

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Let us review your solar power quotes before you make a decision and help you choose the best deal at the lowest possible cost, without compromising the quality of the system.